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Located in Lewes, DE. Whether you need a new website or an exciting new app, Stewdios is here to help! Simple or complex, Stewdios will find a solution for all of your mobile and web needs!

Website Design

Take a look at some of our recent website projects:

My Circle of Balance


My Circle of Balance is a free and interactive workplace wellness site dedicated to providing professionals with customizable plans to nurture, maintain and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Mobile App Development

Stewdios originated as a mobile gaming company, with a focus on puzzle games. That experience has given us a strong grasp on mobile development, giving us the ability to develop cutting edge apps of the future. Take a look at some of our previous apps and games:

Word Fuzzle

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Word Fuzzle is a simple, yet addicting, word find game. Each level has a category of words you must find. Every letter on the board must be used once and ONLY once!

Box Slider

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Box Slider is an original puzzle game in which you must slide boxes to connect similar crates. Combining exploding boxes, bombs, and more, this game is guaranteed to challenge your mind.

Color Burst

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Color Burst is a simple puzzle game guaranteed to be addictive! Simply tap a burst and destroy boxes! Bursts will only remove boxes of the same color. Similar colored bursts will create chain reactions.

Kings in the Korner

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Kings In The Korner is a fun, fast-paced Solitaire game. The objective is to place the Kings in the corners, Jacks on the sides, and Queens on the top and bottom without becoming blocked.

MBH Symptom Checker

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The Mind-Body Health Symptom Checker allows you and your healthcare practitioner to integrate mind-body practices, supplements, and eating practices into your usual treatments.

Box Slider 2.0

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Box Slider 2.0 is a classic connect-three puzzle game with a twist! Combining exploding boxes, bombs, repairing blocks, electric barriers, paint, and other blocks, this game is guaranteed to stump you!

BaNaNa Words

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Do you have fast fingers and a faster mind to back it up? Do you have a passion for crossword style gameplay like Bananagrams and Scrabble? Then BaNaNa Words is the game for you!

Tally Master

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Tally Master is a timed math game where players must add and subtract while keeping a running total memorized throughout the game.


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